Now you don’t have to worry if it’s the right fit.  Our placement process ensures you get a detailed evaluation so you can play on a team with balanced positions.  No more worrying being the only post player or playing on a team with all guards.  We take the time to make sure your skills are valued in the right way!

We have three division levels and adjustments are made depending on player attributes and experience.

NIT for grades 3 – 5

NCAA for grades 6 – 8

NBA for players in grades 9 – 11

After you're division placement, we move you to a practice group that is comparable to your current skill level and experience.  There can be multiple practice groups within each division.  Here we get an in-depth evaluation to learn more about your entire skill set.

Skill assessments are completed - now you’re placed on a team!

Team placement is done - practice begins!

Depending on the balance of players, we select the type of system each team will play to put them in a position to be successful.  Each player receives their team outline and play book.  (Explained in further detail during our opening club meeting)

Modified simulation begins!

Let the games begin!  We start playing against live competition.

The evaluation process continues on a monthly basis.  We want to make sure the training translates into quality performance during league play or tournaments.

Video sessions begin!

We evaluate the league or tournament performances and make adjustments to step 7 and 8 are made accordingly.

Performance and Skills staff are introduced!

This phase is all about helping each individual player grow on a weekly basis.  Our goal is to focus on decreasing weaknesses for your current playing level, while enhancing your core strengths.

Players get evaluated on simulations to assess basketball I.Q. and overall progress during practices.

This depends on the overall makeup because we want to have an appropriate balance of size and position on each team.  This needs to closely match items 2 and 3 from each players skill assessment.  Placement decisions are centered around the most effective path for each player's long term basketball development.


Practice Grouping

Inside practice groups we begin to assess your game through these characteristics:

This in-depth process lasts approximately 2 to 4 weeks (2 practices/wk, 4 to 6 practices total)

Strengths and weaknesses

Overall competitive playing experience

How much time you commit to individual practice each week

Your short and long term basketball goals

Skill Assessment

Team Placement

Club System Installed

Skills & Performance Training

Progression Stage

Live Competition

Assess Performance

Each player starts at tryouts where we evaluate on 3 criteria:

Current grade


Basic skill level

At this stage we make a straightforward comparison against players within your same grade and place you in the appropriate division.

Tryout & Evaluation